To create secured conditions for the management, staff and workers so that they are able to continue to perform their tasks unhindered.Ours is a professional, quality conscious security company prepared to take on any government and semi-government under takings.

Experience in Organising, Planning Coordinating Controlling Man Power of more than five hundred trained security personal in the industrail setup and their management.


We identify individuals based on their physical fitness,educationa level, mental make up and character verification as well as bearing for environment.


(I) All guards recruited are given detailed training by experienced staff before deploying them at the clients premises/sites. We have a continuous programme of training before they are actually debuted for duties in their respective units. Training is also imparted in fire fighting and Housekeeping management.

(II) For Gunman, the regular practise is also being carried out at the ranges by qualified staff. We also trained our field staffs with regards to their duties which they are required to carry out in their field and the standard(uniformity) required to be maintained.

(III) We have a system of attending to the cells from clients and company officials/staffs through out the day and night, as we are very prompt for necessary actions concerned officials of the company,have been provided with phone/pager/mobile phone etc. for immediate action and avoid any delay.


Report of days happening's shall be submitted to the management by the on occurrence and will be duly investigated if so desired by the field officer/Manager operation officer of the company (client) will also be co-operated while condition of the inquiry.

  • Our senior officers also meet the client (management) periodically of as and when required for better responsive custmer services.
  • Senior officials of "Bright Bond Security Services Pvt. Ltd." shall also inspect the sites to check the efficiency of the secuirty cover.
  • Making security more cost-effective to yield tangible results.

Day and Night checking of the assignment is carried our regularly by field staff to ensure functioning.


"Bright Bond Security Services Pvt. Ltd" was incorporated in 2008-2009 under caompany act 1956. The company has maintained a constrained average growth rate of over 55%for the past several years. Our current man power stand at 200 trained professionals.


Our organisation is a memberof ESI/PE and we are ready to accept contract at minimum rates. The Oraganisation has been Registered with following ....

  • E.P.F
  • E.S.I
  • Service Tax
  • Home Ministry Approval
  • Security Act Reg.
  • Company PAN No.

We shall be glad to answer of any query. Please feel free to contact us for any trade enquiry at following Phone Numbers.

  • +91 9334010879
  • +91 9334674736
  • +91 9771454415

AIM : To relive the management from stress and strain of security administration and save their valuable time.

ROTATION : The guard shall be rotated periodically normally after every three months or as and when the clients so desire. If the client is dissatishfied with any guard, he will be replaced soonest.

DRESS / UNIFORM : Smart turnout of the security at all the sites will be ensured all the time while on duty.